Tahan Research is focused on quantum physics and technology, including:

  • Quantum computing (hardware) and quantum information theory
  • Novel device physics and devices based on quantum or nanoscale physics (for example, ideas and phenomena from quantum information science, quantum optics, many-body physics, quantum confinement)
  • Implications of science and technology on society and science outreach

We are always looking for smart, driven people (“work hard and be kind”).

  • Postdoctoral fellows: Postdoctoral positions are available, though in limited quantity. Please email Charles Tahan for information about openings.
  • Grad students: PhD advising for UMD graduate students from the physics or electrical engineering departments are possible in condensed matter theory and/or quantum computing. Grad students must be highly motivated with sufficient background to keep up in an environment of mostly postdocs.
  • Undergrads: There are possibilities for undergraduate projects on physics, computer science/programming, and science and technology studies.
  • High school students: In special cases, high school science projects or internships might be possible with the group.

Tahan Research


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