Preprint: Toward engineered quantum many-body phonon systems

February 26th, 2013  |  Published in All, News, Preprints

Arrays of coupled cavity quantum phonodynamical systems in silicon are considered. We study physical systems that can exhibit, e.g., Mott insulator states of phonons due to a strong phonon-phonon interaction (which is mediated by the impurity-cavity-phonon coupling). Our results indicate that quantum many-body phonon systems are achievable both in on-chip nanomechanical systems in silicon and DBR phonon cavity heterostructures in silicon-germanium. Experimental procedures to detect these states and temperature considerations are given. Cavity-phoniton systems enable large phonon-phonon interactions while single phonons offer long wavelengths for forming extended quantum states; they may have some advantage in forming truly quantum many-body mechanical states as compared to other optomechanical systems.

Toward engineered quantum many-body phonon systems

(Submitted on 23 Feb 2013)

Schematic of a strain-matched silicon superlattice heterostructure (acoustic DBR with layers of Si(x)Ge(1−x)/Si(y)Ge(1−y)) containing donors is shown (left). A two-dimensional phononic crystal structure with acceptors placed at the cavity sites is also shown (right).

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