LPS Seminar: Oct 18 – Daniel Lidar

October 8th, 2010  |  Published in All, Upcoming Talks

SPECIAL Laboratory for Physical Sciences Seminar Announcement

Monday, October 18, 2010; 10 am

Seminar Room, Lower Level, LPS

8050 Greenmead Dr., College Park, MD 20740 301-935-6400

Title: Combining dynamical decoupling with fault-tolerant quantum computation

Daniel Lidar

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chemistry at the University of

Southern California


This talk will be a not very technical presentation of the very

technical paper by the title above (arXiv:0911.3202, joint work with

Hui Ng and John Preskill), whose abstract reads as follows:

We study how dynamical decoupling (DD) pulse sequences can improve the

reliability of quantum computers. We prove upper bounds on the

accuracy of DD-protected quantum gates and derive sufficient

conditions for DD-protected gates to outperform unprotected

gates. Under suitable conditions, fault-tolerant quantum circuits

constructed from DD-protected gates can tolerate stronger noise, and

have a lower overhead cost, than fault-tolerant circuits constructed

from unprotected gates. Our accuracy estimates depend on the dynamics

of the bath that couples to the quantum computer, and can be expressed

either in terms of the operator norm of the bath’s Hamiltonian or in

terms of the power spectrum of bath correlations; we explain in

particular how the performance of recursively generated concatenated

pulse sequences can be analyzed from either viewpoint. Our results

apply to Hamiltonian noise models with limited spatial correlations.

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